A lip-smacking dessert after hearty lunch/dinner completes the meal… J




Chopped Fruits – 2 cups

[Apple, Chickoo (Sapota), Black Seedless Grapes, Banana]

Custard Powder – 3 tbsp

Milk – 2 ½ cupshoney-fruit-and-nut-custard

Sugar – 3 tbsp

Dry fruits – 1 ½ cup

[Cashewnut, Dry Grapes, Pitted Dates, Dry fig (chopped), Almond (Chopped)]

Honey – 4 tbsp

Cardamom Powder – A pinch





Prepare the custard by mixing the custard powder to ½ cup of milk to for a paste. Then add this paste along with sugar to the boiling milk.

To avoid lumps, constantly keep stirring, till it becomes thick, it takes about couple of minutes.

Set aside to cool.

Add the chopped fruits and the dry fruits and mix well.

Chill in refrigerator for an hour.

Add honey and cardamom powder and serve.


Optional : Serve with your favourite ice-cream ………!!!